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Contribution Form To make a contribution to Foundations for Life, please fill out this form, enclose a check payable to “Foundations For Life, Inc.” and mail both to Foundations For Life. 1836 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11210 NAME: ________________________ ADDRESS: _____________________ CITY: __________________________ STATE: ZIP CODE: _______________ COUNTRY: _____________________ HOME TELEPHONE: ( ) ___________ EMAIL ADDRESS: ________________ CHECK NUMBER: ___________________ AMOUNT OF DONATION: _______________ HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT FOUNDATIONS FOR LIFE? _____________________ WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE LISTED AS A SUPPORTER OF FFL ON OUR WEB SITE? ________YES ________ NO, I PREFER TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED AS AN ANONYMOUS DONOR I WISH TO MAKE MY DONATION IN HONOR OF______________________________________________________________ IN MEMORY OF_____________________________________________________________ THANK YOU! For your part in helping us achieve our goal of creating a better tomorrow, Today!!! Please Click on the following link to access a downloadable version of the Contribution form: Contribution form

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