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Foundations for Youth

Our after school and summer program offers structured activities that help young people develop a love for themselves and their own educational development.

Youth Volunteer Leadership Academy (YVLA)

Participants identify and research a community need each cycle. They formulate and implement projects that address the identified need. This activity fosters the development of English Language Arts Standards: language for information and understanding; language for critical analysis and evaluation; and language for social interaction.


Same gender students engage in team building, cultural and living skills exercises. Family hood, financial literacy, relationships, community, friends, violence prevention, time management, career development, life skills and our bodies are constituent components of this activity.

IN-School Time

The In school time program provides a comprehensive, diverse net of support to those students who have histories of poor attendance and are at risk of dropping out. Recognizing the abilities and potential of these students, the program seeks to empower through accountability and outreach, raise consciousness through group and individual counseling and maximize their support network by partnering with the families as their child develops new, more constructive strategies of navigating their lives.


(Starting The Empowerment Process) is a Work readiness program which prepares participants with hand on job readiness training and career development goals.


12 Weeks to the GREATEST YOU!!

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