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Before attending FFL workshops, I was lets say a little apprehensive about public speaking.  After learning about how to "change my recipe" that is to say, find out why I had a hard time with public speaking...I was able to deliver a brilliant speech to a room with over 500 people in attendance. Thank you FFL!

--A. Taylor

Participating in the FFL training was life changing. I discovered new ways to breakdown obstacles that I may face not only in the field of education, but in everyday life also. The most important thing I got from my training with FFL was actually learning how to learn.

--V. Holder

FFL’s training was enlightening and very much achievement oriented. They taught us in various ways to use a set of techniques, to find resolutions to tasks that we never knew we could accomplish. FFL trainings teach you how to use your mind, and manipulate your own thinking to  create the things you want.

--V. Quamina

The FFL trainings were a real education for all of us, learning about ourselves and learning ways to improve our performance in school and life as well. We learned more about each other (those who participated in the trainings) and studied methods to help us better understand others. I thought the trainings were very helpful because the teachings can be applied to everyday life, whether work, school, or just taking care of business in the course of my day.

--J. Worrell

FFL is a life changing experience for me. It taught me techniques that I can use throughout my life. The techniques of whole brain learning opened me up to the idea of how I learn and my style of learning. My experience taught how to better myself, and also taught me to use what I learn to better others.

--M. Mercellin

The training I received from FFL was immediately beneficial to me! The techniques we learned about accelerated learning definitely helped me out in school. I learned how to take the emotions and feelings of something that I loved to do, cooking, and apply those to something that I didn’t like much, which was Global History, to change the way I felt about it. I definitely am going to use this in the future, especially since I am leaving to go to college shortly. I know that there may be some days that I’m going to feel like I just can’t do it, and if that happens I will think of what I learned in FFL training and use a relaxation technique and clear my mind, and get back on track.

--C.K. Nunes

The FFl meetings have been an interesting experience for me. I learned how to call up empowering emotions anytime I want or need them.  I learned the difference between  why questions and how questions, and I learned how to figure out why a subject that I find uninteresting, and how to swap it with the traits of a subject that I am attracted to. Those three techniques really stuck out for me and I have used them a lot in my school work, and it really helped me with interviews as well.

--KC Francis

I've learned so much and my outlook on life has changed significantly since attending the FFL meetings. I see evidence of this change in my eagerness to face and overcome my fears. I am no longer afraid of taking tests or speaking in front of strangers because FFL not only reminded me of the power that was inside of me, but also gave me the tools to unlock it. I know now that I am the maker of my own destiny and that I am capable of greatness.

--K. Williams

I am a very skeptical person. I don’t believe too much of anything. I’m that guy who has to “see it to believe it”. So when I was introduced to NLP naturally I was not enthused right away. When I began to listen with an open mind what NLP was all about, and witnessed first hand what it can do, I was hooked. Now everywhere I go, everything I read and see, I relate it to NLP. Ive realized that everyone learns differently and how I need to tap into those different styles for all people before I can truly teach them what they need to learn. If they are not learning what you teach, then teach to how they learn.

--J. Godette, Jr.

I attended several Foundations for Life sessions, and they have helped me to turn my life around completely! I no longer see myself the way I used to. I no longer say, “I can't do it", or that "I'm just not good at this”. If it was not for the Foundations for Life training sessions I may not be the outgoing person that I have become today. I met great people there, great advice was being given, and the instructors were amazing. FFL has definitely helped me in my life.

-- C. DeSouza

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